2019 January Newsletter: Climate Crisis, Immigration and Christian Hegemony

Dear People,

This newsletter provides relevant resources related to some of the salient issues of the end of 2018: the climate report from the U.N. and our state of environmental degradation; the immigration/refugee crisis at the US/Mexican border and throughout the country; and the devastating effects of Christian dominance in enacting and justifying exploitation and violence. My goal is to help furnish a sense of hope and direction by providing access to books, videos, and organizations doing effective social justice work so you can join with others to work on these issues. For articles and other resources on anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish oppression see my Spring 2018 newsletter. For resources on men and sexism see the Fall 2017 newsletter, and for resources on environmental justice, anti-Muslim oppression, and racial justice see the Spring 2017 newsletter.

Climate Crisis
At this point we know that given what we are currently doing to the planet and life on it we face (and many are already experiencing) massive displacement, upheaval and violence from global climate change. The IPCC report states that we have around 12 years – until 2030 – to make drastic changes in our societies so that the damage is mitigated as much as possible and doesn’t pass a “cannot return” point leading to truly massive and widespread destruction of life on the earth. I think we each need to take stock of how we are (or are not yet) working collectively with others to stem this tide of destruction. How are we addressing the driving forces of climate change including capitalism, western imperialism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and a dominant Christian worldview which holds that humans were given dominion over nature and that the earth and life on it is not inherently sacred.

Panic, overwhelm, and apocalyptic thinking are counterproductive. Beyond self-reflection and examination of our personal choices and behavior, now is a time for commitment and sustained action, joining the efforts of so many of the young people who are already on the front lines of the struggle.

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