2017 March Newsletter: Immigration, Environmental Justice and Islamophobia

Dear People,
We are in a period of intense turbulence as a new administration takes office based on the strategic development over the last 50 years of the ruling class neoliberal agenda.That agenda reflects the current attempt by the 1% to consolidate more wealth and power by asserting global and domestic military and economic dominance, and rolling back the economic, labor, and social welfare gains of the 1930s and 40s, and the civil rights, environmental and other gains of the 1950’s through 70s.
In the larger picture, we are in the middle of a declining U.S. empire during a period of global recession, environmental collapse and militarism. The U.S. ruling class is using traditional tactics of demonization, surveillance and violence against immigrants, Muslims, Native Americans, African Americans, people who are queer and trans, women, and those who are poor and working class to solidify their power, distract our attention, destroy our values, and undermine our communities.
Racism is complex and attacks people of color and Native Americans differently, calling for allies for racial justice to show up in specific and concrete ways to support their ongoing efforts to survive and thrive. This newsletter offers ways to understand and be involved in current struggles for racial justice, first addressing global climate change and an update on the struggle at Standing Rock and then looking at the recent intense rise in Islamophobia and the current admistration’s attempt to ban immigration from specific Muslim majority countries.
We fight for social justice not just for ourselves but also for the coming generations so I’ve included a picture at the end of the newsletter of our 3 grandchildren to remind us that we must build a solid foundation so that our young people can step into leadership in the coming decades.
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