2012 Winter Newsletter: Special Resources for Working with Adolescents

This newsletter is focused on the 20th anniversary edition of Helping Teens Stop Violence, Build Community and Stand for Justice by Allan Creighton and I. But the newsletter begins with some resources for understanding power, wealth, and class in our society, drawn from my earlier book You Call This a Democracy? Who Benefits, Who Pays, and Who Really Decides.

With the powerful mobilizations across the country, including the struggles for immigrant rights in Arizona and Alabama,  worker’s rights in Wisconsin and Ohio, prisoner’s rights and the transformation of the prison/legal system in California and Georgia, environmental justice in Washington, DC and elsewhere, and the many forms of organizing coming out of the Occupy movement–not to mention the revolutionary struggles in Latin America, North Africa, Western Asia and in other countries–we each must ask ourselves: what is my role? How can I contribute? How can I get together with others to amplify the efforts of those already in motion for justice? I hope that this newsletter and the many new resources on my revised website will inspire and support your activism in these exciting and hopeful times.


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