The Power Chart

                                                   The Power Chart


Powerful Less Powerful
Adults Youth
Men Women
Whites People of Color/Multiracial People/Native Americans
Rich or Upper-Middle Income Poor/Working or Middle Class
Adults Elders/Seniors
Heterosexuals Lesbians/Gays/Bisexuals or Genderqueer
Native English–Speakers First Language Other than English
Traditionally Defined Male or Female Transgender/Gender Variant/Transsexual
US citizens Refugees/Immigrants
Christians Athiests or Muslims or Jews or Other Religions
Bosses Workers
Teachers Students
Formally Educated Not Formally Educated
(En)Abled Living with Physical or Emotional or Mental or Learning Disabilities Whether Visible or Hidden
From United States/Western Europe From Nations in the “Global South”/Majority World/Rest of the World

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