2016 Fall Newsletter: The Movement for Black Lives Platform and Ways for White People to Leverage Resources

With all the focus on the elections it can be difficult to remember (or even to find out about) the millions of people organizing for social justice every day. Some of those struggles are highlighted in this issue of my newsletter. The main focus is the tremendously inspiring, comprehensive, and specific Movement for Black Lives vision and policy platform which deserves your attention. Please read it. Better yet, get together with others and read and discuss it together. Then decide how you can get involved in working for one of the policy proposals.

There is much need for those of not situated in frontline communities such as North Dakota, prisons, or Black communities to look at our own communities and see what the work is at home, while providing solidarity for frontline struggles. In truth, every community is a frontline of some sort. When you have identified where best to get involved I have provided a checklist of resources that you can bring to the struggle and linked to the CRC statement on showing up for racial justice.

The newsletter also includes links to articles on the economic system which we have to understand and address whatever issue we are working on, as well as other social justice resources. Please share it widely.

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