Nov 2017 Resources for Racial Justice

Dear People,
I’m very glad to see that the resistance demonstrated by women and people who are trans and gender queer to the everyday, pervasive sexism and misogyny they experience is receiving some public recognition. This exploitation and violence devastates all of our lives and communities and benefits only the white Christian male ruling elite that rules our country. There are now 3 such men who own as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the U.S. population (approximately 160 million people. These men are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos, with the Walmart family, the Koch brothers and other billionaires right behind them. A close ally of the Koch brothers, Mike Pence is our vice president. (Impeaching Trump will not solve our problems.)
This newsletter starts out with some resources for men and those working with men and boys on issues of male violence. It also includes more resources for racial justice. I am very excited by the positive response to the new edition of Uprooting Racism, now available online and in bookstores. I’ve included some sections of the book in this newsletter as resources for white allies.
Your efforts to increase its visibility are greatly appreciated. Let me know if you have ideas about how to get it into the hands of all those white people currently looking for ways to get involved in racial justice work. If you think it is a useful resource in this historical moment please spread the word.


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